20 Short and Choppy Hairstyles for Edgy Women

We are all about getting messy these days and a choppy hairstyle is just the way to do it, without actually getting messy. Choppy hairstyles are chic because they go against the grain. Forget being symmetrical. Instead, let out you inner rock queen and go wild! Have hair that is just as wild as you! But, you don’t have to be a wild child to pull off choppy hair. In general, it’s a great way to add some texture and volume to your hair. So, let’s amp it up and see what happens!

1. Intense Chop

Intense ChopIntense Chop/via

I’ll start on the wild side. This intense chop is not for everyone, but it is insanely chic and edgy.

2. Subtle Layers

Subtle LayersSubtle Layers/via

See here? Not all choppy hairstyles need to be intense.

3. Short Pixie

Short PixieShort Pixie/via

These effective layers render the looks of a choppy hairstyle that is actually quite subtle.

4. Messy Pixie

Messy PixieMessy Pixie/via

While this pixie comes across a bit rougher, it is equally stunning.

5. Smooth Chop

Smooth ChopSmooth Chop/via

It’s smooth, but choppy. It’s elegant, but risky. Contradictions can exist in harmony, and this look proves it.

6. Cute Bob

Cute BobCute Bob/via

Cute and just the right amount of messy, this bob combines edge and glamour.

7. Choppy Pixie

Choppy PixieChoppy Pixie/via

It’s sleek, but choppy, in a very graceful way. This cut is flattering and edgy.

8. Wild Pixie

Wild PixieWild Pixie/via

Rough on the edges, this pixie is certainly wild, but can also be tamed if needed.

9. Layered Chop

Layered ChopLayered Chop/via

When it comes to choppy hair, it really is all about the layers, as we can see here.

10. Razor Cut Bob

Razor Cut BobRazor Cut Bob/via

This sweeping bob is stunning for it’s texture that is both flattering and bold.

11. Shaggy Pixie

Shaggy PixieShaggy Pixie/via

Beautifully sculpted in a way that accents both the soft and harsh aspects of her face.

12. Uneven Bob With Bangs

Uneven Bob With BangsUneven Bob With Bangs/via

To really take advantage of choppy hair, you need to get asymmetrical about it!

13. Slanted Bangs

Slanted BangsSlanted Bangs/via

Play up the angles and make them more intense that you usually would.

14. Sleek Layers

Sleek LayersSleek Layers/via

Choppy doesn’t have to be messy. If offers texture to this cut.

15. Classic Grunge

Classic GrungeClassic Grunge/via

However, it does provide the option to get messy.

16. Side Swept Bangs

Side Swept BangsSide Swept Bangs/via

Bangs are an excellent choice when you are looking for a choppy look. They help to break your hair up into sections.

17. Blunt But Messy

Blunt But MessyBlunt But Messy/via

Lightly ruffled, a look like this has variety in what it offers.

18. Asymmetrical Pixie

Asymmetrical PixieAsymmetrical Pixie/via

It’s the side swept bangs that nail this look!

19. The Goodwin Pixie

The Goodwin PixieThe Goodwin Pixie/via

Queen of the chop, Ginnifer Goodwin combines both the bangs and layers.

20. Sharp Edges

Sharp EdgesSharp Edges/via

Because, in the end, it’s the edges that make the cut.

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