Bonnie Somerville Hairstyles

Bonnie Somerville Hairstyle: The graceful hairstyle falls over one shoulder showing off the charming grooves added to the mid-lengths to ends for a cool and stunning look and feel. The golden blonde hairstyle is suitable for any special occasion and ideal option for people with long face shapes. Perfectly defined layers are added to the hairstyle to create a soft look.

The long wavy hairstyle is most suitable for people with long face shapes looking for hairstyle to compliment the face. Short side sweeping bangs add shape around the face. The great and subtle curls may enhance your personality greatly and can earn you many head-turns. The medium style is simple to re-create with the appropriate tools and items.

Bonnie Somerville Hairstyles 2013Bonnie Somerville Hairstyles – Long Wavy Haircuts

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Bonnie Somerville Hair Style
Length: Long
Bangs: Short Bangs; Side Swept Bangs; Right
Type: Wavy
Hair Color: Light Golden Blonde, Dark Natural Blonde

Bonnie Somerville Haircut: To curl the hair into tousled curls and waves with a curling iron, hot rollers or simply scrunching it dry if you have naturally curly hair. Iron the hair tightly to create spiral bouncy and voluminous curls to make the whole style full of life and voluminous greatly. Create a side part to frame the face charmingly. Apply a bit of top-class hairspray and shinning cream to keep the long soft waves bouncy and shine.

Bonnie Somerville Haircut 2013Bonnie Somerville Haircut – Long Wavy Hairstyles

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