Long, Curls Hairstyles Back View: Trendy Haircuts

The long hair is blow-waved lusciously to show off the splendid and stunning curls throughout the back and sides bringing the hairstyle a lot of shape and movement. The luscious curls are great options for the parties and dates.

The voluminous and beautiful curls can bring much style and charm. The long hairstyle is simple to achieve with the proper tools and products.

As for curly hair, wind a section of hair round your index finger and roll it tightly all the way to your scalp round your finger. Release it and repeat steps four and five time over all the hair. Take the iron vertically. Leave the hair sitting on the shoulders to create more charm and tender feel.

Length: Long
Type: Curls
Hair Color: Light Brown; Butterscotch

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May 18th, 2017 Kurzhaar Frisuren
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