Medium Length Hair: Blonde Smooth Straight Hairstyle

Smooth straight hairstyle looks quite charming and graceful. It can earn you much envy admiration and make you more feminine. It can earn you many head-turns and enhance your femininity.

Medium straight hair always looks quite cool, luscious and charming. It is highly appreciated among people. Long smooth styles are excellent for women with round face, since such hairstyles can cover your face sides, and the splendid layers can make your cheekbone outstanding, getting the face to look longer.

The splendid cool and luscious style is left out to flatter the long layers cut through the edges to add a bit of movement throughout the mid-lengths to ends. The stunning style is perfectly proper for people with any face structures and magnificent for all occasions.

For people bear naturally straight hair, it is effortless to create, what you need to do is comb all the hair smooth, you can create some layers in the hair. However, if you have the wavy or curly hair, you need to use a straightening iron to straighten the hair and brush it smooth and neat. Then, part the hair sideways and brush it down.

Length: Medium
Type: Straight; Layers; Side Bangs
Hair Color: Blonde; Light Blonde

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