Ombre Long Straight Hair for Girls: Easy Hairstyles

The long ombre hair is tapered over a long layered base to add lightness to the style while emphasizing the oval shape structure. The long straight layered hairstyle can charmingly contour the jaw-line showing off the jagged cut layers throughout the sides and back which enhances shape to the simple length. The flowing hairstyle is all about charm and grace and it can flatter many events.

It is quite simple to recreate the long style. Use a blow-dryer and flat paddle brush to blow the hair straight, and a flat iron for a silky finish. Trim the hair section by section. Create more layers at the hair ends and the top to add much volume and style to the hair and make the look full of life. Create a smooth side part.

Length: Long
Type: Side Bangs; Straight
Hair Color: Ombre Hairstyles

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May 18th, 2017 Kurzhaar Frisuren
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