Trendy Bob Hairstyles: Short Straight Hair

The silky hairstyle is blow-dried smooth to show off the layers cut round the back and sides to add shape. The length of the layered cut is jagged cut and it reaches the neck.

Side swept bangs place wonderfully on the forehead to frame the top of face and make the low-fuss hairstyle superbly. The sleek side-parted hairstyle looks cool and lovely. And it is great for many events. The stunning shiny and tousled choppy medium cut is featured by its colorful highlights.

Styling Steps

Equally mist gel spray round the top and sides. Gel spray can maintain well and will not appear wet or make the hair weigh down. Tilt your head upside down and take the diffuser up to the ends, moving the diffuser to the scalp circularly. Create some layers at the back and sides. Sweep the front locks to one side to finish off the look. Create some long side swept bangs to make the entire hairstyle look tender and softer. Add some colorful highlights to make the medium hairstyle special and fabulous.

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May 18th, 2017 Frisuren
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